To my dear Cousin Merla and Cees

It’s not often that you hear compliments especially coming from me… especially towards my cousin, Merla. But that’s the weird sense of love yeah? Let me just take this moment to bundle up all my courage and hold back the giggles and snickers while I type this.

Merla. There’s so much you can associate with her like hard working, friendly, strong, etc, but there’s only one word we associate her. It was “malas” or simply “unlucky”. For the longest time I’ve come to know her, because we stayed in different islands and the age gap, it was always how unlucky she was on things.

Once she had the top of the line Nokia phone (my how time flies) and it was quite new. I remembered then it was the same Nokia phone as it was what everyone was raving about in the Matrix. She accidentaly drop the thing on her way out of the cab and saw the unit run over, not by one, but two tires. I could remember how she was trying to hold on to it and hoping to work. Well it did. With a rubber band holding it together though.

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Things to do in Taal

Taal is a quaint little town down in Batangas filled with rich culture, nice food, and history of men and women strongly laced into the Philippine Independence. Contrary to the simple context clues that Taal is where Taal Volcano is, it really isn’t but this isn’t the only reason why you should visit the place. Sorry, I can’t say much fanciful trivial things about Taal but I got 5 things you may want to check out which I found fun and memorable during our quick 2 day visit.

Taal Heritage Town Photo from Imaginarium of Pau

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What is a Medical Certificate?

Medical Kit

Medical Certificate (MC)

  • a piece of paper which you acquire from your doctor to excuse you from a day or more of work
  • (Singapore) a short form for sick leave or SL
  • also a good alibi for you to sneak out for an interview

For the past two days, I have gone on half days for a medical check up. My absence wasn’t missed apparently at work.

Bing Bong: Toni, admit it your MC really not MC.

Me: ?

Bing Bong: You really went for an interview. (With that face of awesome to your face you little liar)

Me: No lah. I told you what? I went to the (medical) specialist.

Bing Bong: No need to lie to us you know.

Me: Aiya! What should I do for you to believe me? You want to see the scan of my vajayjay is it?!

Bing Bong: *stunned silence* (for like 1 second… just 1 second)

And that, my friends, is how you level up friendship at work and ward away suspicion.

Confabulations #10

That Cool Kind of Aunt

When I was growing up, I never exactly had a lot of relatives over. Maybe because we live in the metro and all the rest were staying in Dumaguete. Either way, I keep on seeing those aunts in TV shows that are cool and just weird. I think I’m gonna be one of those cool aunts at home with some weird funk.

Bunny by yours truly

Friend: Is that your drawing?

Me: Yes. I tried and I failed.

Friend: Cute! Even the colors! I’ll show it to my daughter later. I told her you’re an artist. Now she sees you like a saint now.

Me: I do sign autographs for 50 bucks.

Confabulations #9


Koji: Ok. You’re sad. Let’s go out.
Me: Huh? Me? I’m not sad.
Koji: Really?
Me: No. Am just extra snippy.
Koji: Let’s go on a date.
Me: Ha-ha-ha.
Koji: No. Really. A real date.
Me: No way. Though can we go out and have a nice dinner out. Oh I want to dine open air see the stars and all that. I want wine. Vino! And I want a good serving of ice cream. Oh I am still accepting Valentines gift. I always fancied a set of silver rings. It’s not that expensive. Thank you, Koji-san!
Koji: You’re right. You’re not sad.

The Loving Room

If you’ve read my previous post, you prolly have an idea about this mystery am trying to crack down.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it then, that I asked my colleague right away.


Me: See the whitish thing? Been renting in SG. I think every place I rent has those loop things that I don’t get it!

Colleague: My house doesn’t have.

Me: You got the house brand new right?

Colleague: No. I’m like the third owner. Your landlord probably use it to hang some chandelier maybe.

Me: But two? And always not in the middle?

Colleague: If you want to hang a chandelier or some kind of lighting fixtures, I know they need to have that kind of a loop.

Me: But why there?

Colleague: This is bedroom or loving room?

Me: I’m single. There’s no loving room here. I f there is, only the pillow to drool on!

Such a mystery
Such a mystery

Confabulations #7

Life and its greatest mysteries

After having what I thought to be a gruelling day at work of verifying a zombie project out, I smiled at the thought of how it actually turned out a little bit better of what I had anticipated it to be. All kinks 90% sorted out, signing of papers to do, it was actually moving. It was enlightening and funny even how much I hated it and it turned out great. Though it was “productive” compared to its usual days, I suddenly found myself sighing at the thought of meetings I have to book next, emails to reply and the last few days of one of my favourite colleagues. Sad. I swear how do people keep up with this rollercoaster called “Life”.

View on my way home
View on my way home

I grabbed my wallet and phone (like any unwomanly thing to do)  and relished the part that it’s 5:45 PM and am on my way out. I took the bus, enjoyed the 1 kilometer walk home holding a bag of groceries and baking goodies, lighted up the dark flat and plopped all my stuff in its semi-rightful place. Like any working gal nowadays, I have learned one thing necessary when you get home and it was to raise your legs and “rest”. Where else better to do it but in your own bedroom.

Moments like that it finally got me thinking… and thinking… and thinking… Yes, it was a rare moment.

Can someone please explain to me what the hell are those two loops on my ceiling?!

Such a mystery
Such a mystery

I’ve been living in Singapore for over 5 years and out of 6 rooms I have stayed in and called home, 4 of them had those loops on the wall. My brain is not digesting it well and it’s not even in the middle of the bedroom.


Family Planning


Colleague: How was the holidays? So what did you do with your kids?
Me: Kids? Oh I don’t have kids. I’m happy being single.
Colleague: Don’t say that. You’re going to regret it.
Me: Maybe. But I thought about it and Immaculate Concepcion really doesn’t fit me.
Colleague: Ha? You should start planning for a family.
Me: Oh yeah. I have a plan. I’m going to the forest with a ball and catch me one of those Pokemon.

This is what you get for working in a very family oriented office.


Photo taken from: Catch My Party

— Confabulations #6