Other applications of the HOT sticker you get with your pizza

So here’s the idea. You order pizza and it comes with this sticker that says Hot.

Special thanks to http://whatareyoudoingbooboo.blogspot.sg/

Think of other ways where you can use the sticker…. Go!

I can only think of two ways:

  1. Stick it to a plug. When plugs are “overworked” they tend to heat up. This is a good indication that it’s about time to replace your plug or appliance.
  2. Stick it to the kettle. Especially if you have the basic one. No need to pat it. If you’re living with other people and tend to sterilize your drinking water, this becomes a handy visual sign that it’s ready for your hot drink or up for transferring into the pitcher for the fridge. Yes, we do it at home.


Can you think of anything else? 


You are what you eat

A few months ago, I blogged about gallstones. It still surprises me how parents used french fries as their kids’ pacifier.

This clip surely puts in that image. It surely shows how years of bad diet can affect you in the future. I got to admit the presentation of the video is simple, straight forward, and first person view. From adult to baby.

Why guys should learn Basic HTML, CSS, and Programming from CodeBabes

A couple of days ago, someone shared over Facebook this website called CodeBabes that packages learning on programming the fun way for guys. They have topics covering CSS, PHP, HTML, and Basic Programming with different pretty instructors in skimpy clothes.


For a minute, I visited the website, checked it out and snickered. After seeing girls in short clothes and reading on its course brief, I thought to myself they’re brilliant for incorporating learning and motivating through strip poker style. Tad bit sleezy for me but I showed it to a friend’s brother to visit. To my surprise, after a day or two, he comes back to me and asked me where he answered wrong on the quiz. See my friend’s brother is a maritime transportation graduate and to hear him say “snippet” was like getting hit by a brick. So after explaining to him the question and possible answers, I decided to dive in to the website and test it out myself.

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Paused for a break and I’m back

It has been quite some time hasn’t it? Been quite some time since my last post.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. Ten bloody years. Ever since the word “blog” has even made its debut as an actual term. Back then it was an e-journal, online journal, diary. Oh the terms then was just so many to take in but it wasn’t as short, concise, and notable as the word “blog”.

But let’s not dawdle on my age over the internet. Let’s focus on the now.

Things has been peachy, lazy, and all other things. So I’m back somehow. 🙂 But hopefully not to run myself down.


Just some highlights:

  • Got a job.
  • Learn to love Singpost and had stuff delivered around the world.
  • Overplayed on DOTA 2.
  • Finally seem to be pushing on this long project I have been playing with inside of my head.
  • Finished catching stars and bottling them up.

As again, life is peachy. Not a lot of travelling though but isn’t that the reason why we get back to work? To pay for our vacay?

We make the most out of it – work, vacay, food, whatever. May be good, may be bad. Just keep on smiling. It’s the free thing you can give to the world. Of course occasional frowns are ok as we need to flex those muscles anyway. But you get what I mean.