Confabulations 2: The bundle package

Koji: Where are you? I was at the parking and you never replied.
Me: Dude, I was stuck 30 minutes delayed from flight, 30 minutes waiting for a parking space for the plane and a frigging hour for our luggage.
Koji: LOL. Good thing I didn’t go up.
Me: Why? You finally delivering your funeral invitation?
Koji: No. Christmas present.
Me: Ooooh! Let me guess? Cheap?
Koji: Yes.
Me: That’s what I get for being 3 actual friends rolled into 1 for you don’t I?
Koji: Yes. Rule of economics. You’re the bundle plan.


Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

Get an Avocado for your boo

Avocado in general is a nice fruit ought to either be served in your burrito as guacamole, dessert or those with maternity cravings. One thing Avocado is as also an app that couples may use to stay in touch in the busy, busy world out there.

I first discovered Avocado a couple of years back. I always wanted to test it out seeing the app was green and had a decent sounding name. Unfortunately, since Avocado was an app for couples and during that time I wasn’t really involved with anyone, I couldn’t test it. Really, Avocado, you should add a dummy boyfriend with the app for geeky people like me who wants to try it out. Luckily, I decided what the heck I’ll grab a friend who gladly played boyfriend for the time being.

Give your boo an Avocado

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