One word to describe my 2015

I was browsing over at LinkedIn where I saw “Describe your year in one word”. A bit cliché but it did get me thinking. In light if keeping it half glass full, I’d say it’s:


I am patiently tending the bushes in my life that right now it has become a joke that I drown myself with online games and long sleeps for the weekend. I hope things be better soon though but at least it wasn’t that bad I guess. Family is doing ok – no sickness just the usual bicker. Work is well… going crazy and I am trying to keep myself from flipping out on how the directions seems to be misdirected. Relationships well I am hanging on and keeping them intact despite the lack of meet ups and get together.

I guess I am patiently waiting for a good opportunity while keeping the boat afloat.

So what’s that one word you can use to describe your 2015?

Marvel gone wrong

Did an ALT+Tab because of a headache glaring at codes. Lo and behold… Headache gone. Friend’s pic over Facebook is the best headache killer in the world.

To a geek: Iron Man has a kick ass armor suit.

To me: Dude, it’s so wrong… SO WRONG!

#toysforthebigboys anyone? 😀

Iron Man vs. Hulk
Iron Man vs. Hulk

Happy Friday!

Spotted: JobsDB SG goes Apache

Momma said never to laugh at the shortcomings of another person but in the industry of IT this isn’t acceptable. Oh well we do have our moments right?

Taken on September 12, 2015
Taken on September 12, 2015

Singapore Holidays 2016

So here’s the thing… You’ve got 14 days of leave and you stay in Singapore, the center of South East Asia, and the question is when is the best time to book your holidays. Simple… Just visit You gotta admit you have to love sites like this!!!


Well done, PublicHoliday.SG

A shot in Tinder

As a techy design enthusiast, I tend to try out apps, software, and systems. Poking them and thinking the logic behind it makes my marbles roll.

One of the apps I tested out was Tinder. The app seems ok. Ok I’m not going to get into any details as I believe Tinder is quite known that it kinda surprises me some people I know uses it.

Though I could not help myself on this screenshot. Can you see what’s wrong?

A shot in Tindr
So do you see what’s wrong in this?

Sorry, Saku. It just had to be yours. Nice pic though. 


When I was diagnosed with the gallstones, I had to admit… It was a rather interesting ride. There was a mix of feeling the danger, the pampering and even the down right craziness of drinking apple juice, my father “doting” on me, and trying to dodge the good stuff namely meat,  dairy product and any fried oily food.

One time, I couldn’t help it. After going for a good week or two being a “good girl”, I thought…. Time to treat myself. I convinced the house help to steam corned beef for me. Having it not fried should be good right?

Just a little bit. A wee bit. 

Just a tiny.

Spoonful or two… of meat with a lot of rice. 

Of course my delight for having that cheat lunch had its consequences within 12 hours. When I went to the washroom, my urine was dark brown in color. Signs of jaundice.

Generally thinking jaundice is a sign that your liver is in trouble. Having had gallstones, my liver and my gallbladder was easily in pain. Symptoms of jaundice includes fever, yellowing of skin and/or eyes, and/or urine turning dark as tea.

Taken from:
Taken from:

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Weight of the World by Saliva

Love to be beside you, the way you smell,
The way your lips feel and your fingernails.
The way your fingers crawl up my spine,
The way you always make me the last in line.
I carry the weight of the world as the past is unfurled, but I won’t stop to wonder.
Going through this life on my own made me as cold as a stone.
I’m a ship going under.
And I’d tell you this, but I don’t know how.
I’m caving in and I’m falling out and I can’t resist
And I can’t rebound with the weight of the world as the world falls down.
It’s the way you thrill me, then pull away.
The way you seem to kill me a little more each day.
And it’s what you’re thinking in your twisted mind
The way your body trembles when it’s next to mine.
This pain I think about it everyday, it tells me I’m never gonna get away.
I know it’s over, but I can’t escape memories and how to face another day.

Tips on how to start your week right with your phone and work

Nowadays having a smart phone is a norm. It also becomes a norm that when it comes to work, you hook it up in your smart phone as well — chat, email, and even shared folders. With all the tools up and running, efficiency in working with you anytime anywhere soon tends to be tiring that you soon find yourself fatigued with it and to the point even your phone dies out on you.

A rough illustration of me back in 2004. Note the phone unit.
A rough illustration of me back in 2004. Note the phone unit.

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Confabulations 4: Working with the Infrastructure Team

[Talking in MS’ cube]
Me: MS, I’m testing out a building block and didn’t receive an email. Can you help me out to check if the SMTP relay is good?
MS: Can.
BB: [Passes by the corridor with his big mug] No he won’t. He will if…. if you ask nicely.
Me: [Whips my head back to MS with no hesitation] PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASsssssseeee?
BB: How can you resist that face?

Yeah working with the Infrastructure Team is so much fun fun.