When I was diagnosed with the gallstones, I had to admit… It was a rather interesting ride. There was a mix of feeling the danger, the pampering and even the down right craziness of drinking apple juice, my father “doting” on me, and trying to dodge the good stuff namely meat,  dairy product and any fried oily food.

One time, I couldn’t help it. After going for a good week or two being a “good girl”, I thought…. Time to treat myself. I convinced the house help to steam corned beef for me. Having it not fried should be good right?

Just a little bit. A wee bit. 

Just a tiny.

Spoonful or two… of meat with a lot of rice. 

Of course my delight for having that cheat lunch had its consequences within 12 hours. When I went to the washroom, my urine was dark brown in color. Signs of jaundice.

Generally thinking jaundice is a sign that your liver is in trouble. Having had gallstones, my liver and my gallbladder was easily in pain. Symptoms of jaundice includes fever, yellowing of skin and/or eyes, and/or urine turning dark as tea.

Taken from: http://technostuffe.hol.es/
Taken from: http://technostuffe.hol.es/

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Tips on how to start your week right with your phone and work

Nowadays having a smart phone is a norm. It also becomes a norm that when it comes to work, you hook it up in your smart phone as well — chat, email, and even shared folders. With all the tools up and running, efficiency in working with you anytime anywhere soon tends to be tiring that you soon find yourself fatigued with it and to the point even your phone dies out on you.

A rough illustration of me back in 2004. Note the phone unit.
A rough illustration of me back in 2004. Note the phone unit.

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Confabulations 4: Working with the Infrastructure Team

[Talking in MS’ cube]
Me: MS, I’m testing out a building block and didn’t receive an email. Can you help me out to check if the SMTP relay is good?
MS: Can.
BB: [Passes by the corridor with his big mug] No he won’t. He will if…. if you ask nicely.
Me: [Whips my head back to MS with no hesitation] PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASsssssseeee?
BB: How can you resist that face?

Yeah working with the Infrastructure Team is so much fun fun.

Status: Married

Wow. It astounds me how long since my last update and frankly it’s like a big “Shame on you” as well.

So many things has happened in my life for the past few months and pretty much it comes to no surprise when one day it will bang the door and say “Surprise!”.

What have I been up to? Where have I been? Please continue and click on below.

Image taken from GreenWeddingShoes

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Go Away

This is what I look when my sister keeps on knocking on the door while I’m playing DOTA 2.


Saying Goodbye to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew Web Style

I was about to step out of the house until I heard the sad news in Channel NewsAsia — Lee Kuan Yew passed away. At first I couldn’t believe it so I snuck a peep into Google over my laptop. It was true.

One of Asia’s greatest leaders has gone, beaten by pneumonia.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Lee.

By the time I got to the office, I did some Google searching and noticed a small black ribbon for the Singapore based search engine. Google is quite known to be quirky in their branding for special events.

Google on March 23, 2015

No surprise there then I thought of checking out the rest.

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Confabulations 2: The bundle package

Koji: Where are you? I was at the parking and you never replied.
Me: Dude, I was stuck 30 minutes delayed from flight, 30 minutes waiting for a parking space for the plane and a frigging hour for our luggage.
Koji: LOL. Good thing I didn’t go up.
Me: Why? You finally delivering your funeral invitation?
Koji: No. Christmas present.
Me: Ooooh! Let me guess? Cheap?
Koji: Yes.
Me: That’s what I get for being 3 actual friends rolled into 1 for you don’t I?
Koji: Yes. Rule of economics. You’re the bundle plan.

Other applications of the HOT sticker you get with your pizza

So here’s the idea. You order pizza and it comes with this sticker that says Hot.

Special thanks to http://whatareyoudoingbooboo.blogspot.sg/

Think of other ways where you can use the sticker…. Go!

I can only think of two ways:

  1. Stick it to a plug. When plugs are “overworked” they tend to heat up. This is a good indication that it’s about time to replace your plug or appliance.
  2. Stick it to the kettle. Especially if you have the basic one. No need to pat it. If you’re living with other people and tend to sterilize your drinking water, this becomes a handy visual sign that it’s ready for your hot drink or up for transferring into the pitcher for the fridge. Yes, we do it at home.


Can you think of anything else? 


Paused for a break and I’m back

It has been quite some time hasn’t it? Been quite some time since my last post.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. Ten bloody years. Ever since the word “blog” has even made its debut as an actual term. Back then it was an e-journal, online journal, diary. Oh the terms then was just so many to take in but it wasn’t as short, concise, and notable as the word “blog”.

But let’s not dawdle on my age over the internet. Let’s focus on the now.

Things has been peachy, lazy, and all other things. So I’m back somehow. 🙂 But hopefully not to run myself down.


Just some highlights:

  • Got a job.
  • Learn to love Singpost and had stuff delivered around the world.
  • Overplayed on DOTA 2.
  • Finally seem to be pushing on this long project I have been playing with inside of my head.
  • Finished catching stars and bottling them up.

As again, life is peachy. Not a lot of travelling though but isn’t that the reason why we get back to work? To pay for our vacay?

We make the most out of it – work, vacay, food, whatever. May be good, may be bad. Just keep on smiling. It’s the free thing you can give to the world. Of course occasional frowns are ok as we need to flex those muscles anyway. But you get what I mean.


Philippine Airlines ticket cancellation and refund



A very quick plug before I continuously dive into work.

Booking flights is a thing that you have to do early to get a good rate but sometimes there’s some unforeseen things that you just have to cancel and pray to God for the refund. I recently did that.

I emailed them right away on the changes and was faced a penalty fee for cancellation. I had it coming. On May 15, I got the flight immediately cancelled, a day after I emailed them. I was replied by a generic email regarding the procedure and expected amount of time needed for the refund to reflect into my bank account. Ok, 30 days. Oh well right?

Guess what happened?

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