A shot in Tinder

As a techy design enthusiast, I tend to try out apps, software, and systems. Poking them and thinking the logic behind it makes my marbles roll.

One of the apps I tested out was Tinder. The app seems ok. Ok I’m not going to get into any details as I believe Tinder is quite known that it kinda surprises me some people I know uses it.

Though I could not help myself on this screenshot. Can you see what’s wrong?

A shot in Tindr
So do you see what’s wrong in this?

Sorry, Saku. It just had to be yours. Nice pic though. 

Tips on how to start your week right with your phone and work

Nowadays having a smart phone is a norm. It also becomes a norm that when it comes to work, you hook it up in your smart phone as well — chat, email, and even shared folders. With all the tools up and running, efficiency in working with you anytime anywhere soon tends to be tiring that you soon find yourself fatigued with it and to the point even your phone dies out on you.

A rough illustration of me back in 2004. Note the phone unit.
A rough illustration of me back in 2004. Note the phone unit.

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Saying Goodbye to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew Web Style

I was about to step out of the house until I heard the sad news in Channel NewsAsia — Lee Kuan Yew passed away. At first I couldn’t believe it so I snuck a peep into Google over my laptop. It was true.

One of Asia’s greatest leaders has gone, beaten by pneumonia.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Lee.

By the time I got to the office, I did some Google searching and noticed a small black ribbon for the Singapore based search engine. Google is quite known to be quirky in their branding for special events.

Google on March 23, 2015

No surprise there then I thought of checking out the rest.

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Get an Avocado for your boo

Avocado in general is a nice fruit ought to either be served in your burrito as guacamole, dessert or those with maternity cravings. One thing Avocado is as also an app that couples may use to stay in touch in the busy, busy world out there.

I first discovered Avocado a couple of years back. I always wanted to test it out seeing the app was green and had a decent sounding name. Unfortunately, since Avocado was an app for couples and during that time I wasn’t really involved with anyone, I couldn’t test it. Really, Avocado, you should add a dummy boyfriend with the app for geeky people like me who wants to try it out. Luckily, I decided what the heck I’ll grab a friend who gladly played boyfriend for the time being.

Give your boo an Avocado

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Why guys should learn Basic HTML, CSS, and Programming from CodeBabes

A couple of days ago, someone shared over Facebook this website called CodeBabes that packages learning on programming the fun way for guys. They have topics covering CSS, PHP, HTML, and Basic Programming with different pretty instructors in skimpy clothes.


For a minute, I visited the website, checked it out and snickered. After seeing girls in short clothes and reading on its course brief, I thought to myself they’re brilliant for incorporating learning and motivating through strip poker style. Tad bit sleezy for me but I showed it to a friend’s brother to visit. To my surprise, after a day or two, he comes back to me and asked me where he answered wrong on the quiz. See my friend’s brother is a maritime transportation graduate and to hear him say “snippet” was like getting hit by a brick. So after explaining to him the question and possible answers, I decided to dive in to the website and test it out myself.

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Philippine Airlines ticket cancellation and refund



A very quick plug before I continuously dive into work.

Booking flights is a thing that you have to do early to get a good rate but sometimes there’s some unforeseen things that you just have to cancel and pray to God for the refund. I recently did that.

I emailed them right away on the changes and was faced a penalty fee for cancellation. I had it coming. On May 15, I got the flight immediately cancelled, a day after I emailed them. I was replied by a generic email regarding the procedure and expected amount of time needed for the refund to reflect into my bank account. Ok, 30 days. Oh well right?

Guess what happened?

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The Search for Jon Lucas

Previously, I posted a review about this new TV series that you really have to watch called Mixology. While I was browsing through the internet and doing my research, I bumped into more details about the men behind it. The saying “Google is your friend” is truly wonderful. In a matter of minutes I found what I needed and more. Seems that Google wanted to pull my leg.

After keying in the name Jon Lucas, I got this as the results.

Click for a larger version of the photo
Click for a larger version of the photo

Though the details on the right from Wikipedia is correct as well as the top page hits, the photos are all wrong. At first, I was astounded seeing that a Filipino made it in the international scene. But after taking a closer look, I realized the actor was familiar.

The tagging is off for Google on this one. Wanted disambiguation even on photos!

Why I’m Retiring Fivefeetflat

I have been a netizen for such a long time that I have gone through a lot of handle names, nick names, or simply called aliases, that I have easily identified which friend came from which website, game or chat service I’ve met them. So many but none as prominent as Fivefeetflat.com, a byproduct of my blogging days since 2002, my activeness in promoting my web portfolio and the fondness of my wit and humor on how short I really was.

Fivefeetflat.com in 2011
Fivefeetflat.com in 2011

In a sense, you can say it is the majority of my soul in the Internet world.

The domain has practically witnessed so much of how I grew into the person that I am (if I had practically saved all logs since 2002). Gosh, just thinking of it. Over 10 years have this domain been mine and mine alone and yet soon this will be owned by probably some Chinese, Russian, or Japanese spammers or maybe no one or maybe another short person.

But why the sudden give away?

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IMO.IM to close Third Party Messaging

If someone would ask me what’s the best messaging platform for web and mobile for different IM networks such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN, Steam, Facebook and so on rolled into one, I’d answer IMO.IM.

Their platform is just so beautifully done that it made everything easy — easy to load pages, easy to manage contacts (even blocking mind you), easy to search through chat logs. They also had a rather unique upload function that can let you upload photos immediately as you take them in your mobile device. Another thing that I have enjoyed was their ability to convert uploaded files to 24-hour links to none IMO.IM users. Again, BEAUTIFUL. This is even the lack of me using their video and voice call functions.


But there’s a very big but somewhere and it was something I really didn’t like contrary to the 80’s song.

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