To my dear Cousin Merla and Cees

It’s not often that you hear compliments especially coming from me… especially towards my cousin, Merla. But that’s the weird sense of love yeah? Let me just take this moment to bundle up all my courage and hold back the giggles and snickers while I type this.

Merla. There’s so much you can associate with her like hard working, friendly, strong, etc, but there’s only one word we associate her. It was “malas” or simply “unlucky”. For the longest time I’ve come to know her, because we stayed in different islands and the age gap, it was always how unlucky she was on things.

Once she had the top of the line Nokia phone (my how time flies) and it was quite new. I remembered then it was the same Nokia phone as it was what everyone was raving about in the Matrix. She accidentaly drop the thing on her way out of the cab and saw the unit run over, not by one, but two tires. I could remember how she was trying to hold on to it and hoping to work. Well it did. With a rubber band holding it together though.

Another time was when my sister and I were both in college. As Manila was quite big, disorganized, and literally an urban jungle, we usually have a turbulent Monday morning — my sister had to bring her one week’s worth of food, clothes, and all necessities to her dorm, my mother worked in a government office where time cards were kept and my father was very cautious and edgy with the time as being the designated driver. Unsure how but it was that one particular Monday morning where Merla, my dear, dear cousin stayed with us and according to my sister washed the car. On that glorious Monday, everyone rushed to hit the road. It all seemed pretty normal until THUD!

We were hit by a garbage truck in Quezon Avenue. Of all luck… to be in an accident during rush hour in a major road with a garbage truck. As if it was not enough, we got featured over the radio and I could remember how the radio host was saying how unlucky we were to be hit by a garbage truck with his morning traffic report. After that I couldn’t remember what happened.

Yes, I took time to doodle and color this nut.

The most epic time though was on my sister’s wedding. On her wedding she had these special (and when I mean special it was done from ground up by the bride) coconuts as part of her theme. These coconuts had a special sprout that gives it a certain elegance on things and were neatly incorporated in the decoration. As part of the of “yes you’re a guest but you’re also going to help being part of the crew”, we had to round the nuts up after the reception. Merla didn’t have an issue on this neither did we as we also collected the flowers and other take homes. In fact, I’d say she rather enjoyed it being innate to her to be “administrative” until one coconut fell on her well pedicured and nail polished toe while in her nice red gown. Thing is Merla was quite brute despite the occasion that she grabbed two or three coconuts with one hand just holding on to the stems. Ouch.

Let us take a moment to calm down, straighten our faces, and put a pause on thinking how she or we all looked like then which is probably we were slimmer and glamourous as we always have.

I shan’t further write any more of my memories of how it was fun hanging out with Merla. I have to admit she was the bomb despite all the mishaps. Being able to get me up on a Sunday morning to swim by baiting me with Pizza Hut to rocking me in her arms when I was in pain having my Hepatitis A.

Before I end this rather tall and hopefully entertaining post, I’d like to share something upon seeing the happy couple for the first time. Despite of Merla’s series of unfortunate events (yes, this is such a good idea for a book), Cees and Merla is a lucky strike (not a cigarette). To have found a partner as tall, fluffy, and full of wit and charm, and above all things loving is just perfect that everything can be forgotten and both can race to the sunset. They are absolutely perfect for each other. To Merla and Cees, congratulations and best of luck! (We need not name who specifically needs the later one). Hope to see you guys soon in the future.

I have to admit though on their wedding day, I was waiting to see what unlucky thing to happen. And it did and I did not expect it was that! For those who have attended, am sure as hell you know this.

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  1. What a nice memories you shared I didn’t know about.
    Merla certainly is one of a kind and I will make sure we won’t encounter any unlucky occasions , from now on.
    Thank you for all the best wishes.

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