Why guys should learn Basic HTML, CSS, and Programming from CodeBabes

A couple of days ago, someone shared over Facebook this website called CodeBabes that packages learning on programming the fun way for guys. They have topics covering CSS, PHP, HTML, and Basic Programming with different pretty instructors in skimpy clothes.


For a minute, I visited the website, checked it out and snickered. After seeing girls in short clothes and reading on its course brief, I thought to myself they’re brilliant for incorporating learning and motivating through strip poker style. Tad bit sleezy for me but I showed it to a friend’s brother to visit. To my surprise, after a day or two, he comes back to me and asked me where he answered wrong on the quiz. See my friend’s brother is a maritime transportation graduate and to hear him say “snippet” was like getting hit by a brick. So after explaining to him the question and possible answers, I decided to dive in to the website and test it out myself.

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Paused for a break and I’m back

It has been quite some time hasn’t it? Been quite some time since my last post.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. Ten bloody years. Ever since the word “blog” has even made its debut as an actual term. Back then it was an e-journal, online journal, diary. Oh the terms then was just so many to take in but it wasn’t as short, concise, and notable as the word “blog”.

But let’s not dawdle on my age over the internet. Let’s focus on the now.

Things has been peachy, lazy, and all other things. So I’m back somehow. 🙂 But hopefully not to run myself down.


Just some highlights:

  • Got a job.
  • Learn to love Singpost and had stuff delivered around the world.
  • Overplayed on DOTA 2.
  • Finally seem to be pushing on this long project I have been playing with inside of my head.
  • Finished catching stars and bottling them up.

As again, life is peachy. Not a lot of travelling though but isn’t that the reason why we get back to work? To pay for our vacay?

We make the most out of it – work, vacay, food, whatever. May be good, may be bad. Just keep on smiling. It’s the free thing you can give to the world. Of course occasional frowns are ok as we need to flex those muscles anyway. But you get what I mean.


Philippine Airlines ticket cancellation and refund



A very quick plug before I continuously dive into work.

Booking flights is a thing that you have to do early to get a good rate but sometimes there’s some unforeseen things that you just have to cancel and pray to God for the refund. I recently did that.

I emailed them right away on the changes and was faced a penalty fee for cancellation. I had it coming. On May 15, I got the flight immediately cancelled, a day after I emailed them. I was replied by a generic email regarding the procedure and expected amount of time needed for the refund to reflect into my bank account. Ok, 30 days. Oh well right?

Guess what happened?

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Gallstones: What you need to know

I’ve always had a history of stomach problems. For a time, we always dismissed it as a chronic constipation due to my lack of interest in anything green and fiber-y, unless it was actual dollar bills. There were times I would be rushed to the emergency room of which I was discharged after a few hours. One time during a trip in Malaysia, an ambulance had to pick me up from the hotel – something to cross out the bucket list, I guess. Whatever my stomach pain was, which eventually would end up me sweating bullets, pale skin and cold to the touch, vomiting, and tired, as soon as the episode has passed, I would crawl into bed and forget everything about it and continue with my routine.

Bad irresponsible patient.

I’ve neglected it and didn’t raise the flag whatsoever not until in 2007 when the pain was different, terribly unbearable and I had to return to the bathroom more than three times. I vomited so much that all I could spew was just bile and water that I just drank. I knew something was off and we had to run to the emergency room again. I was brought to the small timid hospital called Malvar Hospital along Commonwealth Avenue. Like any government owned hospital in the Philippines, the building was old, patients looked really bad, it looked under manned and the only thing you see new is the consumables. It was scary but when in pain, all that mattered to you was someone to tend to you right away. It was there when the over 35-year-old emergency room surgeon suspected I had something more than what seems to be constipation. The lack of full response expected after jabbing two syringes of painkillers into my arm meant something more. I was quickly scanned and lo and behold, I had gallstones.

Though he wanted to operate on me immediately, we opted not to do it right away because we were unprepared for it – not only financially but emotionally and mentally. We didn’t know what gallstones were, we were unsure how the operation is going to be done, and hell we didn’t know what’s next after that.

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The Search for Jon Lucas

Previously, I posted a review about this new TV series that you really have to watch called Mixology. While I was browsing through the internet and doing my research, I bumped into more details about the men behind it. The saying “Google is your friend” is truly wonderful. In a matter of minutes I found what I needed and more. Seems that Google wanted to pull my leg.

After keying in the name Jon Lucas, I got this as the results.

Click for a larger version of the photo
Click for a larger version of the photo

Though the details on the right from Wikipedia is correct as well as the top page hits, the photos are all wrong. At first, I was astounded seeing that a Filipino made it in the international scene. But after taking a closer look, I realized the actor was familiar.

The tagging is off for Google on this one. Wanted disambiguation even on photos!

Mixology: For those who are in search for love

So How I Met Your Mother finally ended, the question comes into mind what to watch next right? Some old series continued along like The Game of Thrones (too much politics and too old), Bates Motel and Hannibal (too gore or too dark), The Adventure Time of Finn and Jake (too colorful), and the list goes on but starting mid series is just too weird to start something. So start with the new series right? Like 100, Crisis, Turn, Chozen, and so on. But among the sea of TV series, which one do I recommend?

Mixology ABC Sitcom


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Singapore Art Museum: Art or Mosquito Den?

Over the weekend, I was walking along Bras Basah heading to Baja Fresh for a good serving of burrito for dinner. Along the way, I came across the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) which is a must visit in Singapore in my opinion. Before the building is a small plot of land where SAM strategically used to display the featured artist. Last time, it was a huge bunny, named Walter. So I wondered what it is this time?

And I saw this:

Pardon the shaky hands. Hungry for dinner.
Pardon the shaky hands. Hungry for dinner.

I think my jaw dropped when I saw it and realized what it was. At first, it didn’t occur to me what it was but then I stopped and thought:

Huh? A dig site with lights in it?

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Confabulations 1: All Grown Up

Showing Koji some pics of a girl 5 years ago. She had a basic eyeliner and lip gloss on. Her eyebrows were just enough. Then showed him her photo now.

Me: *sigh* What happened to her…

Koji: She became a drag.