To my dear Cousin Merla and Cees

It’s not often that you hear compliments especially coming from me… especially towards my cousin, Merla. But that’s the weird sense of love yeah? Let me just take this moment to bundle up all my courage and hold back the giggles and snickers while I type this.

Merla. There’s so much you can associate with her like hard working, friendly, strong, etc, but there’s only one word we associate her. It was “malas” or simply “unlucky”. For the longest time I’ve come to know her, because we stayed in different islands and the age gap, it was always how unlucky she was on things.

Once she had the top of the line Nokia phone (my how time flies) and it was quite new. I remembered then it was the same Nokia phone as it was what everyone was raving about in the Matrix. She accidentaly drop the thing on her way out of the cab and saw the unit run over, not by one, but two tires. I could remember how she was trying to hold on to it and hoping to work. Well it did. With a rubber band holding it together though.

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Things to do in Taal

Taal is a quaint little town down in Batangas filled with rich culture, nice food, and history of men and women strongly laced into the Philippine Independence. Contrary to the simple context clues that Taal is where Taal Volcano is, it really isn’t but this isn’t the only reason why you should visit the place. Sorry, I can’t say much fanciful trivial things about Taal but I got 5 things you may want to check out which I found fun and memorable during our quick 2 day visit.

Taal Heritage Town Photo from Imaginarium of Pau

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Bolmon Guest House

If you are looking for a place to stay in Dumaguete and don’t mind taking an extra tricycle ride to the place of 15 – 30 minutes, I would recommend Bolmon Guest House.

Bolmon Guest House is a small lodging located close to Siliman Farm and Siliman Beach. The guest house from afar looks like a set of town houses but when you visit inside it’s quite furnished enough for those free and easy groups. The guest house has a lobby (sala) and a multi function room to boot. So group gatherings can be done. The two-storey house also have different room sizes so singles, couples and a family or two can easily stay in.

Welcome to Bolmon
Welcome to Bolmon

Though Bolmon does have a feel of home, they do provide room cleaning and have clean sheets and bathroom. In fairness, the bathroom’s size is just enough. They do provide towels, shampoo and soap. Sorry, no toothbrushes. But they do have a cable TV inside. Air conditioning is definitely a yes.

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Philippine Airlines ticket cancellation and refund



A very quick plug before I continuously dive into work.

Booking flights is a thing that you have to do early to get a good rate but sometimes there’s some unforeseen things that you just have to cancel and pray to God for the refund. I recently did that.

I emailed them right away on the changes and was faced a penalty fee for cancellation. I had it coming. On May 15, I got the flight immediately cancelled, a day after I emailed them. I was replied by a generic email regarding the procedure and expected amount of time needed for the refund to reflect into my bank account. Ok, 30 days. Oh well right?

Guess what happened?

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Valentines Lane

I was driving around Metro Manila during the Christmas holidays and started noticing these signs. I know it’s not much and the quality and vantage point may not be at par to current standards but this was the only way I could capture it that time while driving alone.

Christmas Lane 2013
Christmas Lane 2013

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