Life and its greatest mysteries

After having what I thought to be a gruelling day at work of verifying a zombie project out, I smiled at the thought of how it actually turned out a little bit better of what I had anticipated it to be. All kinks 90% sorted out, signing of papers to do, it was actually moving. It was enlightening and funny even how much I hated it and it turned out great. Though it was “productive” compared to its usual days, I suddenly found myself sighing at the thought of meetings I have to book next, emails to reply and the last few days of one of my favourite colleagues. Sad. I swear how do people keep up with this rollercoaster called “Life”.

View on my way home
View on my way home

I grabbed my wallet and phone (like any unwomanly thing to do)  and relished the part that it’s 5:45 PM and am on my way out. I took the bus, enjoyed the 1 kilometer walk home holding a bag of groceries and baking goodies, lighted up the dark flat and plopped all my stuff in its semi-rightful place. Like any working gal nowadays, I have learned one thing necessary when you get home and it was to raise your legs and “rest”. Where else better to do it but in your own bedroom.

Moments like that it finally got me thinking… and thinking… and thinking… Yes, it was a rare moment.

Can someone please explain to me what the hell are those two loops on my ceiling?!

Such a mystery
Such a mystery

I’ve been living in Singapore for over 5 years and out of 6 rooms I have stayed in and called home, 4 of them had those loops on the wall. My brain is not digesting it well and it’s not even in the middle of the bedroom.


Singapore Holidays 2016

So here’s the thing… You’ve got 14 days of leave and you stay in Singapore, the center of South East Asia, and the question is when is the best time to book your holidays. Simple… Just visit You gotta admit you have to love sites like this!!!


Well done, PublicHoliday.SG

Saying Goodbye to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew Web Style

I was about to step out of the house until I heard the sad news in Channel NewsAsia — Lee Kuan Yew passed away. At first I couldn’t believe it so I snuck a peep into Google over my laptop. It was true.

One of Asia’s greatest leaders has gone, beaten by pneumonia.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Lee.

By the time I got to the office, I did some Google searching and noticed a small black ribbon for the Singapore based search engine. Google is quite known to be quirky in their branding for special events.

Google on March 23, 2015

No surprise there then I thought of checking out the rest.

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Singapore Art Museum: Art or Mosquito Den?

Over the weekend, I was walking along Bras Basah heading to Baja Fresh for a good serving of burrito for dinner. Along the way, I came across the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) which is a must visit in Singapore in my opinion. Before the building is a small plot of land where SAM strategically used to display the featured artist. Last time, it was a huge bunny, named Walter. So I wondered what it is this time?

And I saw this:

Pardon the shaky hands. Hungry for dinner.
Pardon the shaky hands. Hungry for dinner.

I think my jaw dropped when I saw it and realized what it was. At first, it didn’t occur to me what it was but then I stopped and thought:

Huh? A dig site with lights in it?

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