Get an Avocado for your boo

Avocado in general is a nice fruit ought to either be served in your burrito as guacamole, dessert or those with maternity cravings. One thing Avocado is as also an app that couples may use to stay in touch in the busy, busy world out there.

I first discovered Avocado a couple of years back. I always wanted to test it out seeing the app was green and had a decent sounding name. Unfortunately, since Avocado was an app for couples and during that time I wasn’t really involved with anyone, I couldn’t test it. Really, Avocado, you should add a dummy boyfriend with the app for geeky people like me who wants to try it out. Luckily, I decided what the heck I’ll grab a friend who gladly played boyfriend for the time being.

Give your boo an Avocado

So here are our inputs (which is majority of mine really).

In a nutshell, or rather in a fist-sized fruit kind of thing, Avocado is an app that basically offers a place for couples to communicate via chats, calendars and task lists. This comes in their basic bundle. They do offer a premium plan but we never really dabbled into it as we never got into that stage in our 3-day relationship to max out its services. They also offer a set of message tones that’s uber cute compared to your default ones or being stuck with one generic tone.

The colors, the fonts, and all the facade

The app is pretty simple to use and comes with a very, very clean user interface. The whole green and white UI makes it less “loud” compared to Viber. Though it offers the basic specs on every chat client namely the notification, or status, of sent message, read message and a simple undelivered.

Avocado doesn’t exactly offer stickers. Yes, no Leg Cat, no Beast. But if you’re a working professional and you really need to talk, it does give a neat feel to it. No major hearts or kisses. Don’t fret though Avocado allows the use of emojis into the message.

One thing that you could also take note, Avocado is simple and clean thus don’t expect any call features.


It’s all about our little space

Avocado really provides a space for the couple. It lets a couple share a password, set their own passcode to keep snooty people out (on top of the generic one you have) and wraps it all up with simple messages to ensure you feel that hey this is our nook such as a welcome message which I find has a warm feel to it.

Time to invite
Time to invite


Avocado also takes note the 3 most important dates for every couple: his birthday, her birthday, and the anniversary. On top of the whole dates, it also provides a calendar for you to set appointments and apply different alerts to him and her. If you have a niece’s birthday and you don’t want him to miss it you can set the alert for him 5 days in advance. Very handy.

Avocado takes note of what is important
Avocado takes note of what is important



List and events notification

Avocado allows couples to coordinate by a simple list. There is a basic notification to the couple only upon the creation of the list. It’s very basic. So can’t say much on that.

Let’s put some personality into things

Though Avocado lacks cute stickers, they have made it up with customized emoticons where you may specify your own emoticon triggered by a string. Sorry geek speak but what I mean by string by a specific word. Regardless of case and if it ended with punctuation marks. The nice thing about it it’s not big and simply replaces your avatar. You can also put in little stickers on your emoticon like a hat and a moustache and save it for future use.

Line up of your customized emoticons
Line up of your customized emoticons

Now what does every couple enjoy more that certain apps can’t give? Hugs and kisses AKA xoxo. Avocado tries to make up on these two by allowing them to do a virtual “hug” and “kiss”. For kisses, one can take a photo and tap anywhere on it to apply a kiss sticker. It seems to have no limit but maybe I just didn’t put a lot. As for the hug, I think this is a cool thing. If you want to give your boo a hug, simply place the phone over your heart and it will send your heart beat over to them to be converted into vibrations. Cute but I didn’t get to feel the hug either there’s a bug or my iPhone 4 is really that old.

Time to give the boo a kiss... or rather a set of kisses!
Time to give the boo a kiss… or rather a set of kisses!

What flipped our panties

A bit visual but really I’m not kidding. The feature is simple and very useful. Avocado provided an alert for you to enable to notify your boo that your battery is dying. Yes, no need to message them on this. Imagine how much you can save on the dying battery by avoiding unlocking the phone, unlocking the app, and typing “Low bat. :(“ or whatever you fancy.

Settings for your Privacy and Low Battery

Avocado is available in iOS, Android and Web. Can you imagine if you’re on your laptop with this little bugger? No need to switch to laptop, phone, phone, laptop. It automatically syncs for you and there’s no need to install the Avocado on your unit.

Meh part of Avocado

Avocado allows couples to share photos. Nice and basic and that’s it. No filters whatsoever. They also provide doodle feature where you can draw an image and send over the image. Pretty simple too but if you’re hoping when you doodle you get a real curve you won’t. It’s quite stiff on that part. Though on keeping it simple, I think it’s quite ok. Sorry for you guys who love Instagram out there.

I also noted some color tweaking that needs to be done on the location tagging. Though Avocado has a cute heart on it merging the green heart over the green dot makes it difficult to see. But yeah that’s shallow.

Tag where you are
Tag where you are

Last and prolly not the least, though the app is clean, straight to the point, there are some settings that they don’t have in their mobile app. So you need to check out the web if ever. It would be good to have a little note in the app for people to visit the web.

In conclusion

For me, Avocado is truly sweet because I want less prying eyes and decent text conversations over a barrage of stickers where you eventually end up trying to figure out what each funny face meant. The flexibility to go through different devices is a major plus considering I tend to disconnect from my phones once I face the computer. Seriously for a 3-day relationship, it really served its purpose.

So what do you think of it? Cool? Stiff? Lacking? Do try it out and share your experience.

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