Hello world!

As every programmer first learned, I’m starting with my first post with a Hello World…. That and that the first default post in every fresh WordPress set up is a post with it.

It has been such a long overdue post. Frankly speaking, my head seems to have had ran amok with the ideas I wanted to post.

Work Desk In New York
Work Desk In New York

Let’s just do a quick run down post how 2013 turned out to be:

  1. I have a new god son! Yay. Another kid to mess up with.
  2. Finished my Masters in Knowledge Management.
  3. Went to the US. Most of the time spent it in the lovely New York.
  4. Planned and went to Italy finally visiting Florence and Pisa. I can be a travel agent now!
  5. Fallen deeply in love with Tartuffata.
  6. Had taken in loads and loads of sleep. I will surely miss you this year.
  7. Bummed out and rekindled social ties – friends and family.
  8. Attended this guy’s wedding. I have to admit. It is a lovely, lovely wedding.
  9. Lost a couple of pounds and followed up with my health stuff. Yuck.
  10. One of my Aunts passed away. May her soul rest in peace. ☹

So what’s up for 2014? Well I can’t say much for now. I guess I’ve finally earned the idea of patience and I have been taking my time that things are not so cut throat tight on my targets. Definitely health and family is priority, having a new website is another. Let’s see how things will be.

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