IMO.IM to close Third Party Messaging

If someone would ask me what’s the best messaging platform for web and mobile for different IM networks such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN, Steam, Facebook and so on rolled into one, I’d answer IMO.IM.

Their platform is just so beautifully done that it made everything easy — easy to load pages, easy to manage contacts (even blocking mind you), easy to search through chat logs. They also had a rather unique upload function that can let you upload photos immediately as you take them in your mobile device. Another thing that I have enjoyed was their ability to convert uploaded files to 24-hour links to none IMO.IM users. Again, BEAUTIFUL. This is even the lack of me using their video and voice call functions.

But there’s a very big but somewhere and it was something I really didn’t like contrary to the 80’s song.

 As of March 3, IMO.IM sent out saddening news through the mail, that they will be discontinuing their support for all third party platforms. Say good bye the one solution for all IM networks.

It was easy to accept when IMO.IM had to discontinue Skype through their platform due to security restrictions… but really all the rest?

My heart shatters for the platform I have lovingly endorsed for the past 2 years to friends and colleagues. 

Despite IMO.IM’s sad news, I have to admit they were smart enough to create a chat history export service for those who have valuable chat logs to save.  It neatly packages the exported files in a text file in a ZIP with specific filenames based on the account. It is very handy for those who have more than one account with them like me. Though this service is good up to March 7, 2014. So if you are an IMO.IM user, do it now before it disappears!

So now here I am on a prowl for a good chat platform for all my IM accounts via web and mobile…. Any suggestions out there?


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  1. First Meebo gets acquired by Google and closes, now IMO creates their own service and discontinues third-party messaging. Instant messaging is dying with more and more users going mobile.

    Your only option now really is to use applications like Pidgin and Trillan.

    Personally, I haven’t logged onto MSN, Yahoo, or GTalk in a while. I use Skype all the time for calls and everyone that matters is on FB if I want to chat with them.

    1. Ugh. I know right? So annoying.

      Been on GTalk lately for the dev work and my close Danish friend. Skype not so much. FB definitely for friends and relatives.

      IMO would have been great if they gonna release just the 3rd party platform or something. The UI they got is really nice.

      1. Yeah sinabi mo pa. I thought they were doing a good thing with the recent changes. Yun pala, they were preparing to compete against the very services that made them popular. Pfft.

        1. You can’t blame them I guess?

          Though it would be awesome they expand it as a different branch. Rather than something to shed off.

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