When I was diagnosed with the gallstones, I had to admit… It was a rather interesting ride. There was a mix of feeling the danger, the pampering and even the down right craziness of drinking apple juice, my father “doting” on me, and trying to dodge the good stuff namely meat,  dairy product and any fried oily food.

One time, I couldn’t help it. After going for a good week or two being a “good girl”, I thought…. Time to treat myself. I convinced the house help to steam corned beef for me. Having it not fried should be good right?

Just a little bit. A wee bit. 

Just a tiny.

Spoonful or two… of meat with a lot of rice. 

Of course my delight for having that cheat lunch had its consequences within 12 hours. When I went to the washroom, my urine was dark brown in color. Signs of jaundice.

Generally thinking jaundice is a sign that your liver is in trouble. Having had gallstones, my liver and my gallbladder was easily in pain. Symptoms of jaundice includes fever, yellowing of skin and/or eyes, and/or urine turning dark as tea.

Taken from: http://technostuffe.hol.es/
Taken from: http://technostuffe.hol.es/

When we discovered about my urine, my father easily went on panic mode. He double checked if I made sure the bowl was clean before I used it which by the way it was. He pulled out the thermometer and checked my temperature which by the way was normal. He yanked me to the brightest part of the house with “clean and clear” natural light and tilted my head, asked me to show my tongue, and then carefully pried my eyes to open wider.

Dad: Are you feeling ok?

Me: Yup.

Dad: *examines me under natural light* Ton, I think you have jaundice. You’re yellowish. *exasperated sigh*

Me: Of course I’m yellowish. I’m half Chinese.

Dad: *more exasperated sigh*

Of course, that kind of response didn’t stop him from driving all the way to Manila Doctors for the ER where I soon find myself up for operation within the week.

For more information about jaundice, check out MedicineNet.com’s entry on this.

Note to self: Don’t tempt the doctor’s orders. Eat your veggies.

— Confabulations #5

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