Mixology: For those who are in search for love

So How I Met Your Mother finally ended, the question comes into mind what to watch next right? Some old series continued along like The Game of Thrones (too much politics and too old), Bates Motel and Hannibal (too gore or too dark), The Adventure Time of Finn and Jake (too colorful), and the list goes on but starting mid series is just too weird to start something. So start with the new series right? Like 100, Crisis, Turn, Chozen, and so on. But among the sea of TV series, which one do I recommend?

Mixology ABC Sitcom


About the Show

Mixology is by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore of The Hangover and that alone is one of the best reasons why you should watch it. It’s the story of 1 night, 10 individuals, and just 1 cause — love. Ok maybe not love, love, more like to blow off the steam, and have a great night in a Manhattan bar, “Mix”, where they do bump into love.

The beauty of the show is they run each episode on each pair. They not only highlight the current situation but also the background of each character. What I love the most is the witty lines, the dramatic pauses, and just the humor of it all without going too deep, too drama, too shallow. It is after all a sitcom right?

Mixology definitely highlights how life is so unpredictable and surprising on where we end at. It is a proof of the saying the perfect person for you may not be the right person.

The Cast

It is an absolute-definite-thing-no-way-in-hell (Is there such a phrase? Sorry made it up.) will I give the spoiler out but for your enjoyment here are the 10 important people in the series:


Fab – the fashion diva and frienemy of Jessica
Jessica – the single mom who wants to be appreciated
Kacey – the optimistic, perky waitress
Liv – the good girl who is about to send out her wedding invites
Maya – the independent lawyer

The cast of Mixology

Bruce – the dating guru that is out for vengeance
Dominic – the hot ex-songer (yes, songer) bartender
Cal – the one too many divorced dating guru
Ron – the debonair and mysterious Brit
Tom – the love sick puppy

This pretty much reminds of watching Last Order sa Penguin, a play written by Chris Martinez,  that takes place also in a bar with friends. It’s quite interesting how the quips and banters are and what is unexpected. As one article pointed out, Mixology is the “Lost” in the singles’ bar. Yes, I wander off.

Have you missed a lot?

To date, Mixology has 7 episodes out. No worries. It’s practically new for US since it was released February 2014. For Asia, especially Singapore, it will be out this month of April. 🙂 Time to do those Google search to know more!

So here’s a challenge for you!

Before watching Mixology, after getting a rough idea of the cast, who do you think goes with who? Write it down at the comments below and watch the series!

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