One word to describe my 2015

I was browsing over at LinkedIn where I saw “Describe your year in one word”. A bit cliché but it did get me thinking. In light if keeping it half glass full, I’d say it’s:


I am patiently tending the bushes in my life that right now it has become a joke that I drown myself with online games and long sleeps for the weekend. I hope things be better soon though but at least it wasn’t that bad I guess. Family is doing ok – no sickness just the usual bicker. Work is well… going crazy and I am trying to keep myself from flipping out on how the directions seems to be misdirected. Relationships well I am hanging on and keeping them intact despite the lack of meet ups and get together.

I guess I am patiently waiting for a good opportunity while keeping the boat afloat.

So what’s that one word you can use to describe your 2015?

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