Other applications of the HOT sticker you get with your pizza

So here’s the idea. You order pizza and it comes with this sticker that says Hot.

Special thanks to http://whatareyoudoingbooboo.blogspot.sg/

Think of other ways where you can use the sticker…. Go!

I can only think of two ways:

  1. Stick it to a plug. When plugs are “overworked” they tend to heat up. This is a good indication that it’s about time to replace your plug or appliance.
  2. Stick it to the kettle. Especially if you have the basic one. No need to pat it. If you’re living with other people and tend to sterilize your drinking water, this becomes a handy visual sign that it’s ready for your hot drink or up for transferring into the pitcher for the fridge. Yes, we do it at home.


Can you think of anything else? 


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