Philippine Airlines ticket cancellation and refund



A very quick plug before I continuously dive into work.

Booking flights is a thing that you have to do early to get a good rate but sometimes there’s some unforeseen things that you just have to cancel and pray to God for the refund. I recently did that.

I emailed them right away on the changes and was faced a penalty fee for cancellation. I had it coming. On May 15, I got the flight immediately cancelled, a day after I emailed them. I was replied by a generic email regarding the procedure and expected amount of time needed for the refund to reflect into my bank account. Ok, 30 days. Oh well right?

Guess what happened?

Without following up, I just checked my bank statement. I got the refund in less than 30 days. Not bad for a simple service. 🙂 Painless.

For more details, feel free to contact Philippine Airlines.

PS: Even I like them on this part of their service, I wasn’t delighted realizing their contact details in the Singapore office is outdated. Bad, webmaster. Bad. Good thing the email refunds address worked.

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