Smoking Buddy gets to a new level

One time, I drove my mother to Banco De Oro (BDO) bank in Tandang Sora. Together with her friend and my friend, we hanged out in the car and waited for the “boss” to be done. Chatting for a couple of minutes a man was about to walk past us and what followed him caught my eye. His smoking buddy!


I guess it's hard to quit when your buddy is like this.
I guess it’s hard to quit when your buddy is like this.

Of course, you can’t imagine my excitement as I shoved my friend to quickly take a photo of this guy! The owner was cool as well because he also showed us some tricks with his smoking buddy. Sit, come, and stop were one of the basic commands.


Too bad I didn’t get a chance to interview him more.


After much reviewing the photo, I am sad to say though that PETA and the Lung Cancer Association won’t be doing any joint campaigns. It’s not really a cigarette. Ok fine. It’s not lighted too. 😀


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