Status: Married

Wow. It astounds me how long since my last update and frankly it’s like a big “Shame on you” as well.

So many things has happened in my life for the past few months and pretty much it comes to no surprise when one day it will bang the door and say “Surprise!”.

What have I been up to? Where have I been? Please continue and click on below.

Image taken from GreenWeddingShoes

A colleague of mine, also my cubicle neighbor as it happens to be the cubicle dividers is quite high in the office, came by while taking her coffee post lunch break.

Colleague: So when are you getting married?

Me: Huh?

Colleague: Or are you married and we don’t know?

Me: Oh if it’s that one, you’re not alone. Even I don’t know! I’d prolly was drugged and dragged down the aisle.

Life still goes on for me. Still alive and kicking. Been busy at work and had some issues on the side. Sorry for not updating.

Yes. This is my Confabulations #3. Sorry couldn’t resist picking such a thing to restart my blog. 


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