The Search for Jon Lucas

Previously, I posted a review about this new TV series that you really have to watch called Mixology. While I was browsing through the internet and doing my research, I bumped into more details about the men behind it. The saying “Google is your friend” is truly wonderful. In a matter of minutes I found what I needed and more. Seems that Google wanted to pull my leg.

After keying in the name Jon Lucas, I got this as the results.

Click for a larger version of the photo
Click for a larger version of the photo

Though the details on the right from Wikipedia is correct as well as the top page hits, the photos are all wrong. At first, I was astounded seeing that a Filipino made it in the international scene. But after taking a closer look, I realized the actor was familiar.

The tagging is off for Google on this one. Wanted disambiguation even on photos!

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