The Traffic of Timog Avenue

There is only one phrase that comes into mind just looking back at this photo…

Somewhere in Timog Avenue (Click for a larger view)
Somewhere in Timog Avenue (Click for a larger view)

What’s wrong in this picture?

For a time, I was driving to Timog Avenue from Commonwealth Avenue and back. Having to drive occasionally, I learned to be extra careful when I was out so to avoid the headache of running into road law enforcers.

Timog Avenue is known for its nice dining places and one of the hot spots where you can see showbiz stars hanging out due to its location close to the two biggest broadcast stations, ABS-CBN and GMA. Though for a very well known place, the avenue was quite narrow and had a rather poor traffic management. It was an annoying place especially if you’re ready and pumped up to have a nice dinner in the vicinity and just thinking “Hey! I’ll be there in an hours time.”.

One afternoon in November, I yet again went to the place. Call it a pet peeve but I really hate road violators that I have been noticing this no left turn area in Timog Avenue. It was decorated with no left turns in an intersection that wasn’t only split to 4 but 5 different ways. It was the intersection of 11th Jamboree Street and Timog Avenue.

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So back to the photo… What’s wrong in this picture?

A) A car stuck in the intersection when it’s clearly red?

B) A car turning to the left while it’s red?

C) There’s no traffic enforcer, or Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), in the vicinity?

D) Or me just taking a picture of it?



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