Tips on how to start your week right with your phone and work

Nowadays having a smart phone is a norm. It also becomes a norm that when it comes to work, you hook it up in your smart phone as well — chat, email, and even shared folders. With all the tools up and running, efficiency in working with you anytime anywhere soon tends to be tiring that you soon find yourself fatigued with it and to the point even your phone dies out on you.

A rough illustration of me back in 2004. Note the phone unit.
A rough illustration of me back in 2004. Note the phone unit.

For the normal employee, here are some tips I can share with you on how to make your phone suck less the life out of you:

  1. Start the day by checking your calendar. Yes, calendar. Not email. Reason to this is work related spam is a norm nowadays. Invitations to events, newsletters, and even system generated reports can be daunting and overwhelming. Unless you have set mail filters which redirect unnecessary emails to their right place, then check your mail. Personally for me I find checking the calendar first gives me a sense of clarity what is meant to happen this day. Setting meetings and deadlines on your calendar can help give you a more visual perspective of what’s ahead today, tomorrow or the rest of the week.
  2. Set your email offline. I know it doesn’t sound right. But if you are not expecting any important ones don’t. Switch it online when you need to respond or expecting anything.
  3. Have a proper email signature. Having a respectable email signature on your email would be good enough to indicate that you are mobile. One thing I rather liked from my previous boss, he had a very straightforward email signature.

    Pardon the brevity on my Blackberry.

    For me, since I work with the IT department, I have mentioned in the signature where it is best to contact for urgent issues.

  4. Dedicate a chat client solely for work. At first, I find it weird that the rest of the team would WhatsApp everyone for meetings to start but after seeing letting everyone in the loop sure does help a lot. Try to use a separate chat client. I usually inform my friends to message me via Facebook or Viber. Not advertising. At least it definitely helps to train myself that WhatsApp is for business only. Another option for those who do love coincidentally their chat client for both, personal and official use, you might want to consider using the Mute option if there is any but do use with care or you may just miss the special announcement that it’s a public holiday tomorrow or what.
  5. Do not ignore the Do Not Disturb function of your phone. The Do Not Disturb function is almost similar to the Silend mode of your phone except here, the screen doesn’t light up nor does it vibrate if it receives a message unless you set the special exemptions. DND mode can usually be set to automatically be in DND at a specific time and day, allow specific callers be exempted or let any caller go through if they called for the second time.

    iOS’ Do Not Disturb. Click on the image to read more.

Let me know how it turns out for you. 🙂 Happy week ahead!

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