Why guys should learn Basic HTML, CSS, and Programming from CodeBabes

A couple of days ago, someone shared over Facebook this website called CodeBabes that packages learning on programming the fun way for guys. They have topics covering CSS, PHP, HTML, and Basic Programming with different pretty instructors in skimpy clothes.


For a minute, I visited the website, checked it out and snickered. After seeing girls in short clothes and reading on its course brief, I thought to myself they’re brilliant for incorporating learning and motivating through strip poker style. Tad bit sleezy for me but I showed it to a friend’s brother to visit. To my surprise, after a day or two, he comes back to me and asked me where he answered wrong on the quiz. See my friend’s brother is a maritime transportation graduate and to hear him say “snippet” was like getting hit by a brick. So after explaining to him the question and possible answers, I decided to dive in to the website and test it out myself.

After going through a whole course, I have come to a conclusion why guys should learn the basics in programming, HTML, CSS and PHP from CodeBabes and these are the following reasons:

  1. Visually Enticing
    CodeBabes utilizes the use of video presentations, a speaker, and colorful prominent text to explain the lesson. Aside from the obvious that a pretty girl who is obviously reading the notes is smiling, waving, winking, they have used neat typography that highlights parts of the code to direct focus on the code which sometimes text based tutorials lack.

    An easy application of the If Else Condition
  2. Guy Lingo
    The use of guy lingo makes the metaphorical comparison easier to understand as well as its variable usage. It also adds a pinch of humor in the presentation. Just looking back at the previous screenshot closely, you can definitely say CodeBabes have eradicated what every programmer first learned “Hello World!”.

    CSS modules on font sizes.
  3. Quick Quizzes
    CodeBabes is aware that presentations are nice but as every teacher knows that learning is effective when students apply what they have learned. So in order to cover things in this department, they created quick tests after every module. Don’t fret. It’s multiple choice and only 5 items in general. If the quiz is not completed, the student doesn’t get to the next level unless they subscribe.

    Quiz from CodeBabes’ CSS course
  4. Cool blocking page
    Sorry, I really had to put this in. I totally love their page that prohibits the students from getting ahead of themselves.

After much discussion with my friend’s brother, I noted some usability issues on CodeBabes:

  1. There are pages that pertain to the account that is not fully filled and looks blank or rushed under My Account. There are also consistency issues when it comes to the Subscription page.
  2. CSS is a powerful tool to design and make the page presentable. In each lesson page, a list of the modules is listed but the current section the user is viewing is not highlighted. Boo!
  3. Some of the lessons though would be nice if they had tips how to create the Javascript file. Not a lot of people are Notepad or TextEdit users. Word maybe but not those.
  4. Students learn from their mistakes and applying the corrections. It would have been good that quizzes especially with snippets of code be viewable again for them to try out on their computers.
  5. CodeBabes doesn’t have an environment where students can run scripts and see how it runs.

The paradigm that CodeBabes are trying to implement reminds me of how Hot For Words’ Marina Orlova did in her YouTube channel. By having a beautiful host, a set of visuals with good pictures, and comical sound effects, learning becomes fun. Though unlike Hot for Words, Codebabes offer a subscription plan for users to bypass quizzes, get first dibs on new courses and download files used in the lesson they are viewing. CodeBabes will also be releasing new courses on the topics of the Internet and SEO. To add as well, they are also open for new CodeBabes to join the team.

For more information about CodeBabes, please visit their website at http://www.codebabes.com.

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  1. Thanks for awesome the review! The critiques are spot on and we are working on that stuff. A few payment providers dropped us so we had to swap out our whole subscription system, big pain in the butt! Also love to hear that we are getting new people into the mix.

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