Why I’m Retiring Fivefeetflat

I have been a netizen for such a long time that I have gone through a lot of handle names, nick names, or simply called aliases, that I have easily identified which friend came from which website, game or chat service I’ve met them. So many but none as prominent as Fivefeetflat.com, a byproduct of my blogging days since 2002, my activeness in promoting my web portfolio and the fondness of my wit and humor on how short I really was.

Fivefeetflat.com in 2011
Fivefeetflat.com in 2011

In a sense, you can say it is the majority of my soul in the Internet world.

The domain has practically witnessed so much of how I grew into the person that I am (if I had practically saved all logs since 2002). Gosh, just thinking of it. Over 10 years have this domain been mine and mine alone and yet soon this will be owned by probably some Chinese, Russian, or Japanese spammers or maybe no one or maybe another short person.

But why the sudden give away?

 I have internalized and followed in a way Steve Maraboli’s Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience:

“Sometimes letting go is simply changing the labels you place on an event. Looking at the same event with fresh eyes.”

So to be less cryptic about it, here are simply three things as to why I am letting it go:

  • Keywords Flat Feet As any web savvy person would say, it’s all in the proper keywords when it comes to searching. Though what the normal surfer doesn’t know is behind every website there’s a monitor behind it that tracks how your website was found by your audience. Fivefeetflat was getting a lot of hits and visits alright but it was getting the wrong set of keywords to go with the website: “flat feet”, “athlete’s feet” and something “feet”. Yes, it was a punch on my pride that my website was closely related to the brainless search engine to the stinky appendage that is sometimes the butt of all jokes or a main fetish. It even hit me more when a client learned of the website and said: “Oh. I also have flat feet.”
  • Multiple Hack Incidents In 2012-2013, I had a rather huge serving of attacks on my website. So much attacks that my website became some Middle Eastern website on some political uproar or what not. It didn’t get to the level of pornography yet but you can imagine how much it reminded me of how I neglected the website by making it tight in security and how much visitors I’ve lost by just doing so.
  • Trend Micro blacklisted the site The long existence of my website and the lack of knowledge of taking care of my email address back then made it a good target for bots that used the domain so much in spamming (in addition to the major hacker attacks in previous years) that one of the top anti-virus companies, Trend Micro, marked it as a dangerous website and blocked their customers from visiting. Yes, I was on the blacklist. I tried petitioning it with the company but alas my request has been sadly ignored. Note: Screenshot was taken 2011 but I heard that it started as early as 2006.

To sum it up: I have basically let go of my pride and attachment on having had Fivefeetflat.com as mine and building a name for it for over 10 years. I guess in a way I am as what my folks have said using the brain over your heart as how the great creator intended to have it. The long chapters of being Ms. Fivefeetflat.com where I humored, plugged, and competed in web contests before is gone. It will be cherished like any fond memories.

Time to open a brand new one, grow, and be fabulous.

If you’re looking for any particular post I wrote (especially since 2009 because I think I misplaced all the rest of my archives), proceed to this page.


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